For many, screensavers are just for fun yet no longer needed. In fact, screensavers just 3D animated pictures, whether moving or still motion, that just sit on your desktop with screensaverdesktop and appear after quite some time. That’s true. Still, did you know that there is more to screensavers than just taking up space in your computer’s memory and running when you are not using it?

So what are screensavers for? Or the better question is, why should you install one in your computer?


The benefits of having a screensaver

More than a decade ago, computer monitors that are comprised of cathode-ray tubes usually suffered “screen burn.” When the computer is in idle mode, a static image on the screen can wear down the phosphor coating. When a screensaver is used, most of the area in the monitor will display a dark background, thereby turning off the transistors that can damage the computer monitor. This also means increasing the lives of the transistors and eventually, the overall life of the monitor.


Hence, the name screen saver – literally to save the screen from holes.screensaver for pc



Fast forward today, having a screensaver can give the following benefits:


  • It is a stress-reliever. You may not notice but nature screensavers or even a picture of your child bouncing on the screen can greatly reduce your stress levels.


  • It can be a form of computer security. There are screensavers that can be configured so you can add a person in case of inactivity. This can be a good way to deny access from thieves or nosy co-workers who might attempt to log in and mess up with your work in case you’re away.


  • It can be a good venue to express your individuality. Yes, screen savers can be customized according to your preferences. You can display a picture of your favourite band or a funny animation or a picture of you and your family.

computer screensaver

  • It can be a home decor. Yes, you read that right. Imagine holding an intimate gathering in your home. You can use a screensaver to display pictures of, say your kids, your recent overseas trip or any other pictures that will match the theme of your party.


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