Today, just by asking around what a screen saver is usually gives you one common answer: the thing that pops up whenever a person leaves his computer idle for a specific amount of time. This is quite true but did you know that screen savers actually have quite an important job in maintaning the good condition of a computer’s monitor before? Nowadays, screen savers are mostly used for entertainment, uniformity or security reasons. Find out more about screen savers such as what exactly are they, the importance they are playing in computers before and now and lastly, where can you get them.


What is a screen saver?

A screen saver is a computer program that tells the computer what to show when it had been idle for a specific amount of time already. A screen saver orders the computer to either show a blank screen, a certain image, a slideshow of images, an animation, a series of animation or others.


What is the importance of a screen saver before and now?

Screen savers were actually developed to prevent phosphor burn-in in computer monitors before. This is because most computers in the past have been based on cathode ray tubes (CRTs) and the main problem with these CRTs is that they have the tendency to change the properties of the phosphor coating the inside of the screen whenever the same image had been protrayed for a certain amoount of time on the CRT screen. Thus, computer experts have studied possible solutions for this problem and thus, screen savers were made to automatically change the images on a computer screen when the computer had not been used for a certain amount of time.


Now, screen savers are mostly used for entertainment since some screen savers such as those animations are quite fun to watch. Some people also create their own screen savers to show their creativity and individuality. There are also screen savers that offer password protection to the users so that they will feel at ease even though they have to leave any important information in their computers. Some screen savers are used to deliver information to the viewers whether it is about a company, products that a business offers or other kinds of information such as trivias.


Where can you get screen savers?

There are different ways in which you can get a screen saver. First, you can just choose form the pre-made or existing screen savers available in your computer which is usually provided by your computer’s platform. Second, you can also buy a collection of screen savers in the net. Many people have been designing good quality screen savers and selling them to others who want to buy them. For those who do no want to spend any money on screen savers, there are many available sites online that lets you download various kinds of screen savers for free. One of the most trusted sites that offer screen savers for free is There are also available programs that let users show their artistic sides by creating their own screen savers. Lastly, you can also get screen savers by writing the actual code of the screen saver.


Even though the original reason why screen savers were created is not plausible anymore, there are other reasons why screen savers are important to us today. Thus, people from all over the world like you should not ignore them since they can offer so much to you. Therefore, choose from the mentioned ways of getting a screen saver and grab one for your computer now and reap the benefits of having one.