Many people believe that screen savers are not beneficial to computer users except for entertainment purposes. But this is not necessarily true. Although screen savers have lost their intended goal, through the years, developments have made in order to make screen savers important to computer users especially for security purposes. But first, let us properly define what a screen saver is.


What is a screen saver?


When our computers have been idle for a specific amount of time, we usually see one of these things: blank screen, moving image, slideshow of images saved in the computer, animation or even a text. This is what a screen saver is. It is a computer program that tells the computer to present one of the things mentioned above once the computer had not been used for a certain amount of time.


What are the advantages of using a screen saver?


Originally, screen savers were developed to prevent “phosphor burn-in” on computer monitors back then. This is because computer screens before had been made based on cathode ray tubes (CRTs) that undergoes a phenomenon called “phosphor burn-in” in which the phosphor coating of the inside of the screen changes its properties permanently and causes darkened shadows in the monitors. This happens when the same imaged had been displayed on the computer monitor in a long time. So, computer experts developed screen savers in order to prevent this from happening.


Now, screen savers are mostly for entertainment, advertisement and security purposes. Screen savers are used for entertainment purposes because there is no doubt that screen savers especially funny animated ones are fun to look at and is truly entertaining. For the advertisement purposes, some companies use their logo to let people know what their company is for and what services they offer to people. Lastly, today, protecting your computer devices is extremely important because of all the sensitive information stored there so using a screen saver for locking your computer while you’re away is beneficial to you.


So, now that you know the advantages of using a screen saver, let us discuss how to set up one in a Mac computer.

How to Set-Up a Screen Saver in Mac

Steps on Setting your Screen Saver


Fortunately for you, Mac already contains pre-installed screen savers that you can choose from. So, to set your preferred screen saver, follow the steps below.


  • Click the Apple menu and choose “System Preferences.”
  • From the menu shown, click on the “Desktop & Screen Saver.”
  • A tab will open up which will display the Screen Saver settings. Here, you can choose from the pre-installed screen savers in the left pane and clicking on one show a preview of the selected screen saver in the right pane.
  • Once you have chosen the screen saver that you want, you can change how long the computer should be idle before the screen saver will be activated.
  • For security purposes, it is recommended that you require a password to unlock your computer so that no one will be able to access the files in your computer even though you’re away. You can do this by choosing the “System Preferences” from the Apple Menu once again.
  • Then, choose the “Security and Privacy” icon.
  • Click the “General tab.”
  • Lastly, choose the option that you prefer from the “Require a password after sleep or screen saver begins.”


With these simple steps, you can successfully install a screen saver for your computer. Again, despite popular belief, screen savers are not only meant for entertainment purposes especially today when competitiveness is a must to survive. Thus, you should take into consideration putting up a screen saver to protect all sensitive information stored in your computer.