During idle time, you may notice that a blank screen, picture or a moving image will be displayed on your screen. That is referred to as a screensaver.screensaver

But what exactly is a screensaver? How important is it to your computer? Does it serve any purpose? Read on to find out.


What is a screensaver?


Basically, screensaver is an executable file that is changed from .exe file to .scr. It is considered by your computer’s operating system as either a program or application and can be run without the need of another file.


Therefore, screensaver is a program that is given a .scr extension in order for the operating system to treat it as a screensaver. Once available, you can program a screensaver in variety of ways such as:


  • Present it as a black screen
  • Vector graphics to draw different designs
  • Display a chosen image or group of imagesMultimonitor screensaver
  • A line or text
  • Animation or series of animation
  • A video sequence
  • Add music or sound effects
  • Display an information from another program or a website
  • Password to turn off a screensaver and return to desktop

Screensaver may be any one or combination of these features.


What are screensavers for?


Originally, screensavers are used to protect computer monitors from phosphor burn-in. Early monitors are sensitive to displaying the same image for a long time, prompting computer experts to come up with a solution to this. Hence, the screen savers were born. Although computer monitor these days are no longer sensitive to this, a lot of users still use screensaver for different reasons such as:


  • For entertainment. Admit it, screensavers are fun to watch. Imagine a macaroni dancing to the tune of “Hey Macarena,” amusing, isn’t it?



  • For security. There are screensavers that offers a password protection feature for security purposes. If you have sensitive information saved on your computer, then having a screensaver with this feature can help a lot.


  • For uniformity. If you are working in a company, you will notice that all of your computers use the same screensaver. This creates uniformity and professionalism to make sure that no inappropriate screensavers will be displayed.


  • For advertisement. Believe it or not, companies, particularly those in the retail business, use screensavers to promote their business or product. It is an effective way to market and inform the people of your brand.


Where to get a screensaver?


There are many ways for you to get a screensaver. You can use the standard screensavers that comes with your operating system or use a program that allows you to create your own screensaver. Or you can download from eFreescreensavers.com which offers a wide variety of screensaver that will suit your taste and style.