Ask any computer user if they have seen a screen saver and you’ll see that if not all, most of them have seen one. It is even possible that most of them use one for their computer devices. But despite popular belief, screen savers are not for entertainment purposes only. Read on to find out what a screen saver is and what the advantages of having one are.

Advantages of Using a Screen Saver for Your Computer Devices

What is a screen saver?

A screen saver is a computer program that orders the computer to display a blank screen, text, image or slideshow of images, animation or even music when it had been idle or not used for a specified amount of time. Thus, when you have not been using your computer device for a few minutes, you will see that it will show one of the mentioned things above.


What are the advantages of having a screen saver?

Back in the days, computer monitors had been based on cathode ray tubes (CRTs) and the main problem with this kind of screens is that they are prone to phosphor burn-in when the same image had been displayed in the monitor for long periods of time. Phosphor burn-in is the effect when the exposed areas of phosphor coating on the inside of the monitor had changed permanently due to the same image being shown in the monitor for quite some time. This effect will lead to darkened areas on the monitor and thus, the term phosphor burn-in. In order to prevent this, computer experts had created screen savers that will tell computer devices to change the image showing in the monitor every now and then. With this, phosphor burn-in will not happen.


Today, computer monitors are not anymore prone to phosphor burn-in due to the technological developments in the past years. But this does not mean that screen savers are now useless. There are still advantages in using a screen saver. One of the most obvious is that it offers entertainment to those who are seeing it especially those animated screen savers. Aside from this, some companies use their logos as screen savers of computer monitors that the public can easily see to promote their company as well as the products and services that they offer.


Not many people know that screen savers can also offer protection for their computer devices even when they are away. Some screen savers today have password protection feature that when a computer device had been left idle for a certain amount of time, it will automatically lock the computer. In order to open it, the computer will ask for a password that the user had specified. With this, all sensitive information stored in your computer will be protected from the prying eyes of others. People will not be able to access these files unless they know the password you have specified for this feature.


It is true that screen savers have lost their original objective but this does not mean that screen savers are now useless. Through the time, technological advancements have also paved the way for screen savers to be useful still. Now, screen savers have new objectives that they are meeting and with these, there is no way that anyone can say that screen savers are useless.