MatrixMania ScreenSaver

MatrixMania ScreenSaver

If you have watched The Matrix and you loved it, you will surely appreciate this fantastic screensaver. This application features the falling code that has been presented in the start of every movie of The Matrix. This is one of the best-known animations and it is a great thing that is has already been used in computers.


One of the things that can make you appreciate this application is the fact that the screensaver is one of the most popular ones in the market. It is possible for you to customize this. All you need to do to make this possible is to access the Screen Saver Setting in your computer. When you are going to use it, you will notice that it comes with a default setting. With the help of the possibility to customize, it is easier for you to make some adjustments that will be helpful in making the computer look more functional.


When you are using a certain application, there are some of the features that you should consider. One of the most important is the adjustment that you can possibly do. With MatrixMania, you will be able to employ some of the adjustments on the speed, noise, balance, density and other aspects of the screensaver. If you want to change the falling code’s level, you can also easily do this. And if you get tired of the different changes that you have made when you customized it, you can also get back to the default setting. But this application does not come with sound unlike other applications that are similar to this.


When it comes to effect in the computer, this screensaver is not really a heavy application like the other ones that are being downloaded from the Internet. This is a stable application and it does not really crash. There are no errors that were seen when this is being tested. With this, you can be sure that MatrixMania is going to be a great application for your computer.


The movie is actually something that you would love to think about. The intensity of the different happenings and events will make you go back and think about it every now and then. With the MatrixMania Screensaver, you will be able to relive the movie in your own desktop. Even if there are no updates available for this application yet, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy it.