End-User License Agreement


eFreescreensaver.com is a website dedicated to free screen savers and making it available to the public. We offer free PC screen savers that will surely spice up your laptop or computer’s idle time. The PC screen savers published on this site are subject to the terms and conditions of GNU General Public License or GPL.


Terms of Use

All screen savers published on this site are for free and available for download. Nonetheless, eFreescreensaver.com does not own any of the screen savers made available on this website. At the same time, screen savers available on the site are owned, copyrighted and trademarked by their respective developers, and that includes the images used.



All the screen savers available for download and installation from this website do not transfer any form of ownership and intellectual rights to the users. Users can freely download the desired screen saver for personal use only. Any attempt to reverse-engineer, redistribute, copy, clone, modify or alter in any way the licensed screen saver without the site’s specific approval or approval from the developers is strictly prohibited.



The user is responsible for the acquisition and use of screen savers downloaded from the website. However, eFreescreensaver.com does not warrant the program’s overall functionality and performance. Although the screen savers available on this site are working, we do not guarantee that the screen saver downloaded will work the same on your computer. At the same time, the site’s participation for the distribution of these programs is without any warranty for whatever legal attributions and repercussions that may entail to users.


Limitation of Liability

eFreescreensaver.com cannot be held responsible for any mishaps or computer damages that might incur as a result of downloading a screensaver from our site. All screen savers published on this website are owned respectively by the program’s developers. Nonetheless, you can contact us in case of any inquiries or issues with the download. Please also note that during the installation process, software suggestions may be presented and/or will be offered to users. These are merely recommendation and users have all the power to accept or decline such suggestions.


Privacy Statement

Privacy and protecting your identity is very important to us. If applicable, rest assured that eFreescreensaver.com will not use, share, trade, disclose or give away any personal information collected from its users and will keep all data private and confidential.