Drunken ScreenSaver

Drunken ScreenSaver

There will always be a special connection between people and alcohol. Despite its intoxicating effects and the possible health problems it might bring in the long run, people will always find a special place for alcohol. As a matter of fact, it has become an indispensable drink in a lot of restaurants and public places and when celebrating any occasions such as birthday, graduation or promotion.


While alcohol can be fun, drinking too much can leave you in a drunken state, doing foolish things you cannot even remember the following day. Instead of being annoyed, there is actually a funnier way to remind you of how drunk you are the night before.


Check out this Drunken Clock screen saver. Developed by Michael Sabin, Drunken Clock Screensaver is an attractive analog clock that comes with the following:


  • A lot of drunken movement styles.
  • Additional skins for free of you opt for the Super Pack
  • An atomic clock that synchronizes your system click via the Internet
  • Ticker feature that allows you to write a text message on the screen
  • Multi-monitor support


At the same time, Drunken Clock Screensaver protects your monitor by displaying an attractive analog clock that looks like as if you are viewing it in a drunken state. You will even find it funny to see how the numbers and clock hands are all wavy and distorted as they float gently around the screen in a moving background (same as when you are drunk) while hearing the ‘tick’ of the second hand. You can even find the clock moving all over the place.


And that’s not all. The Drunken Clock screensaver allows you to change backgrounds and other screensaver appearances and behaviour options – from snow covered to translucent and even underwater. If you opt for the Super Pack, you get 144 high quality skins for free for pure fun.


With a file size of 8.2MB, all you need is a RAM of at least 32MB, 200MHz, and Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP or Direct 6 operating system in order to install this screen saver. You can download this for free or $14.95 to get the Super Pack.


The Drunken Clock screensaver has fun visual effects of being drunk which you can surely find amusing. And the best part of downloading Drunken Clock screensaver from our site? There are no nasty hangovers in the morning.