How to Set-Up a Screen Saver in Mac

Many people believe that screen savers are not beneficial to computer users except for entertainment purposes. But this is not necessarily true. Although screen savers have lost their intended goal, through the years, developments have made in order to make screen savers important to computer users especially for security purposes. But first, let us properly Read More

FAQs About Security Features of a Screen Saver

Screen savers are known to many because of entertainment purposes. Most people believe that screen savers are only used to entertain or bring laugh to people when their computers have become idle for a specific amount of time. Screen savers can indeed be used for entertainment purposes but they can also be used for other Read More

Advantages of Using a Screen Saver for Your Computer Devices

Ask any computer user if they have seen a screen saver and you’ll see that if not all, most of them have seen one. It is even possible that most of them use one for their computer devices. But despite popular belief, screen savers are not for entertainment purposes only. Read on to find out Read More

How to Use your Screen Saver to Lock your Computer for Windows Users

Many computer users have probably seen and even use a screen saver for their computer devices. This might come in an image, a text, a slideshow of chosen images, an animation or even a blank screen. For many, screen savers are just there to entertain whenever your computer had been idle for a certain amount Read More

Screen Savers: Where to Get Them?

Today, just by asking around what a screen saver is usually gives you one common answer: the thing that pops up whenever a person leaves his computer idle for a specific amount of time. This is quite true but did you know that screen savers actually have quite an important job in maintaning the good Read More

How to Use a Screen Saver

It is without doubt that through the years, all of us had benefitted quite greatly from the technological advancements that were developed. Probably one of the most important things that were created with the help of technology is the computer devices that have made all of our lives easier. But just like any invention, computers Read More

How Screen Savers Work

When computers have been idle for a specific amount of time, we either see a blank screen, a picture, a moving image or even a slideshow or our favourite pictures displayed on the screen. We all know this as a screensaver and at least once, we have seen one on our own computer devices but Read More

Screensaver: Why Should You Have One?

  For many, screensavers are just for fun yet no longer needed. In fact, screensavers just 3D animated pictures, whether moving or still motion, that just sit on your desktop and appear after quite some time. That’s true. Still, did you know that there is more to screensavers than just taking up space in your Read More

All About Screen Savers

  During idle time, you may notice that a blank screen, picture or a moving image will be displayed on your screen. That is referred to as a screensaver. But what exactly is a screensaver? How important is it to your computer? Does it serve any purpose? Read on to find out.   What is Read More